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vendredi 14 octobre 2011

Eloise at Christmastime

Par Kay Thompson, illustré par Hilary Knight, Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, Eloise 3

«Eloise has always had a rather festive air about her, but when Christmastime rolls around, well, it's "Fa la la la fa la la la lolly ting tingledy here and there," of course. The bunchy-bloused, spindly-legged scamp is speaking in rhyme this time, and in typical Eloise fashion, the verse simply can't be perfectly metered, for what would be the point? She rushes around New York's Plaza Hotel on Christmas Eve, jingling, spreading Christmas cheer, tying tassels on the thermostats, and writing "Merry Christmas" on all the walls. And of course there are gifts to be delivered and wrapped:
- For Weenie a roastbeef bone deluxe
- For Skipperdee raisin milk
- I'm giving the valet a beehive of course
made of safety pins and silk.
Her asides, printed in red, are as priceless as ever: "Sometimes there is so much to do that/ I get sort of a headache around the sides and partially under it." Or in a rare vulnerable moment, "For when you are a child of six/ it's difficult to know/ if you deserve a present or not/ at Christmastime/ or so." But enough of that. "We sang Noel for 506/ Silent Night for 507/ We didn't sing for 509/ at the request of 511."»

Aussi échevelé et cocasse qu'Éloïse peut l'être! L'univers visuel d'Hilary Knight est toujours aussi riche et éloquent, relançant l'histoire de Kay Thompson à chaque coup de crayon. Cela dit, j'ai été un brin moins accrochée par ce tourbillon des Fêtes... Dommage.

Lili lui donne: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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